ISO/DIS 59004
ISO/DIS 59004

This document defines key terminology, establishes circular economy principles, and provides guidance for its implementation by using a framework and areas of action.

It is intended to be used by organizations seeking to understand and commit to a circular economy while contributing to sustainable development. These organizations can be either private or public, acting individually or collectively, regardless of type or size, and located in any jurisdiction, or position within a specific value chain or value network.

Informations générales 

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     : 71
  •  : ISO/TC 323 Économie circulaire
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    01.040.03 Services. Organisation de l'entreprise. Gestion et qualité. Administration. Transport. Sociologie. (Vocabulaires)
    01.040.13 Environnement. Protection de la santé. Sécurité (Vocabulaires)
    03.100.01 Organisation et gestion d'entreprise en général
    13.020.20 Économie de l'environnement. Durabilité

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