Cold chain logistics

New expert committee to develop standards for transporting temperature-controlled goods.

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The logistics of transporting and storing refrigerated goods is a complex affair, to ensure correct hygiene and safe and sturdy conditions right throughout the supply chain. A new ISO expert committee has recently been formed to develop standards in this field to help the industry be more efficient, reduce potential losses and carry out safe and reliable services.

ISO/TC 315, Cold chain logistics, was previously a project committee (PC) formed to develop ISO 23412, Indirect, temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery services – Land transport of parcels with intermediate transfer. This standard specifies requirements for temperature-controlled refrigerated delivery of parcels containing temperature-sensitive goods such as foodstuffs. It includes every step, from receipt to delivery at the designated destination.

Recognizing the complexity of the sector and the need for more specific standards, the PC has now been “upgraded” to a permanent ISO committee to develop more deliverables in this field.

Future standards and guidance documents will cover terms and conditions for the transport, storage and handling of refrigerated goods, maintenance and control methods of facilities and equipment throughout the supply chain, hygiene management, logistical efficiency, safety of storage services and much more.

The secretariat for ISO/TC 315, Cold chain logistics, is held by JISC, ISO’s member for Japan.

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