Comité Título
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 40 IT service management and IT governance
ISO/TC 21/SC 3 Fire detection and alarm systems
ISO/TC 21/SC 8 Gaseous media and firefighting systems using gas
ISO/TC 27/SC 1 Coal preparation: Terminology and performance
ISO/TC 27/SC 5 Methods of analysis
ISO/TC 46/SC 11 Archives/records management
ISO/TC 89/SC 1 Fibre boards
ISO/TC 89/SC 2 Particle boards
ISO/TC 94 Personal safety -- Personal protective equipment
ISO/TC 94/SC 14 Firefighters' personal equipment
ISO/TC 96/SC 9 Bridge and gantry cranes
ISO/TC 98/SC 1 Terminology and symbols
ISO/TC 102/SC 2 Chemical analysis
ISO/TC 108/SC 5 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems
ISO/TC 121/SC 8 Suction devices
ISO/TC 176/SC 3 Supporting technologies
ISO/TC 180 Solar energy
ISO/TC 180/SC 1 Climate - Measurement and data
ISO/TC 183 Copper, lead, zinc and nickel ores and concentrates
ISO/TC 207/SC 3 Environmental labelling
ISO/TC 272 Forensic sciences
ISO/TC 307 Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies