ISO/AWI 15592-3
Fine-cut tobacco and smoking articles made from it — Methods of sampling, conditioning and analysis — Part 3: Determination of total particulate matter of smoking articles using a routine analytical smoking machine, preparation for the determination of water and nicotine, and calculation of nicotine-free dry particulate matter
Reference number
ISO/AWI 15592-3
Версия 4
New project
ISO/AWI 15592-3
Начата разработка.
Текущее издание: ISO 15592-3:2022


This document specifies methods for the determination of total particulate matter and preparation for the subsequent determination of nicotine-free dry particulate matter present in the smoke from articles made from fine-cut tobacco and expanded tobacco, generated and collected using a routine analytical smoking machine.

It specifies the method of making of fine-cut tobacco smoking articles using a tube made from a specified wrapper.

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