ISO/IEEE 11073-10419:2016
ISO/IEEE 11073-10419:2016


ISO/IEEE 11073-10419:2016 defines the device specialization for the insulin pump, being a specific agent type, and provides a description of the device concepts, its capabilities, and its implementation according to this standard.

ISO/IEEE 11073-10419:2016 is based on IEEE Std 11073-20601-2014, which in turn draw information from both ISO/IEEE 11073-10201:2004 [B7]2 and ISO/IEEE 11073-20101:2004 [B8]. The medical device encoding rules (MDERs) used within this standard are fully described in IEEE Std 11073-20601-2014.

ISO/IEEE 11073-10419:2016 reproduces relevant portions of the nomenclature found in ISO/IEEE 11073-10101:2004 [B6] and adds new nomenclature codes for the purposes of this standard. Among this standard and IEEE Std 11073-20601-2014, all required nomenclature codes for implementation are documented.

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  •  :  Withdrawn
     : 2016-06
     : 2018-03
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 215 Health informatics
  •  :
    35.240.80 IT applications in health care technology

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