ISO 10381-8:2006
ISO 10381-8:2006

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ISO 10381-8:2006 defines the methods that should be applied when sampling soil from stockpiles. ISO 10381-8:2006 only includes the sampling of the soil material itself, i.e. the solid phase.

The underlying reason for sampling the soil can differ widely, as can the subsequent analysis on the obtained samples. ISO 10381-8:2006 gives guidance on the various aspects that, together, describe the sampling activity: the definition of a sampling plan; the choice of an adequate sampling strategy; the sampling technique to be applied; the sample pretreatment directly after sampling (when necessary); and the packing, preservation, storing, transport and delivery of the sample.

Given the wide differences in circumstances for all of the above-mentioned sampling steps, ISO 10381-8:2006 provides information on how to obtain clear and simple instructions for the sampling personnel.

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     : 2006-04
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