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The Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ) is the National Standards Body for Zimbabwe. Formed in 1957 and incorporated in 1960, the Association is a non-governmental and a non-profit organization.

SAZ's mission is: "To facilitate the development and use of national standards in order to enhance Zimbabwe's competitiveness and safeguard the welfare of communities".

The principal functions of the Association are:

  • to prepare and publish Zimbabwe National Standards;
  • to promote an understanding of standards requirements by offering standards-based training;
  • to provide technical services for the testing of manufactured goods and raw materials and calibration of equipment;
  • to encourage the use of Zimbabwe Standards by operating Certification / Registration schemes;
  • to provide information services on national, foreign national, regional and international standards;
  • to provide, on behalf of Government, a WTO TBT Enquiry Point on standards and conformity assessment information.

Standards Association of Zimbabwe

Northend Close, Northridge Park, Borrowdale
P.O. Box 2259

Тел.: +263 4 88 20 17/9
Факс: +263 4 88 20 20
E-mail: marketing@saz.org.zw

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