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IMANOR (Institut Marocain de Normalisation) is the national standards body of Morocco and is responsible for standardization in Morocco

IMANOR was created in 2010, replacing SNIMA, a part of the Ministry of Industry. With its new status of administrative and financial autonomy, IMANOR aims to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Moroccan companies while supporting public policy of economic competition, consumer protection, protection of the environment and improvement of living conditions

In order to achieve its objectives, IMANOR’s mission is to

  • produce Moroccan standards

  • certification of compliance with standards and normative references

  • publication and dissemination of standards and related products and information

  • training on standards and implementation techniques

  • represent Morocco in international and regional standardization organizations

Institut Marocain de Normalisation

Angle Avenue Kamal Zebdi et Rue Dadi
Secteur 21, Hay Ryad
10100 Rabat

Тел.: +212 537 5719 48
Факс: +212 537 7117 73
E-mail: imanor@imanor.gov.ma

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