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Standardization activities in Kuwait began in 1967, within a unit of the Ministry of commerce & Industry which became a Department after the law no. 128 for standardization was issued in 1977. The Department was transferred to the Public Authority for Industry in 1996 and became a sector for Standards and Industrial services including two Departments, one for standards & Metrology and the other for quality laboratories.

This sector represents Kuwait in regional and international organizations such as ISO, OIML, CAC, the Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mines (AIDMO) and the Standardization and Metrology Organization for the GCC countries (GSMO).

The Sector has the following objectives: to achieve the goals of Standardization by issuing and publishing standards and publications related to standardization, as well as developing and approving national standards; and examining and testing imported products to make sure that they meet Kuwaiti standards; issuing certificates for exported goods; granting the Quality mark for national products; examining and testing samples for the public and private sectors and for individuals.

Public Authority for Industry

Standards and Industrial Services Affairs (KOWSMD)
Standards & Metrology Department
Post Box 4690 Safat
KW-13047 Kuwait

Тел.: +965 25302990
Факс: +965 25302992
E-mail: m.aladwani@pai.gov.kw

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