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The Oficina Nacional de Normalización (NC), an organization created by the Law Decree 147 dated 1994-04-21, is attached to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment in accordance with Agreement No.4162 dated 2001-10-08 of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers (CECM).

NC proposes, organizes and implements the state policy on standardization, metrology and quality. NC's authority and duties were approved by the CECM Agreement No. 5179 dated 2004-06-16. The NC system is composed of the headquarters, two research institutes and 15 territorial offices of standardization.

NC acts as the:
- National Standardization Body of the Republic of Cuba;
- National Certification Body of the Republic of Cuba;
- Main Body of the State Inspection of Quality of the Republic of Cuba;
- Governing Body of the National Service of Metrology of the Republic of Cuba

Oficina Nacional de Normalización (NC)

Calle E No. 261 entre 11 y 13
Vedado 10400 La Habana

Тел.: +53 7 830 00 22
Факс: +53 7 836 80 48
E-mail: nc@ncnorma.cu

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