ICS Поле
03.020 Sociology. Demography
03.040 Labour. Employment
Working environment, смотри 13.040.30
Working environment, смотри 13.180
03.060 Finances. Banking. Monetary systems. Insurance
Including personal financial planning
Information technology applications in banking, смотри 35.240.40
03.080 Services
Transport, смотри 03.220
Postal services, смотри 03.240
03.100 Company organization and management. Management systems
03.120 Quality
03.140 Patents. Intellectual property
03.160 Law. Administration
Including flags and associated symbols (emblems) of political and administrative entities, military flags, flags of organizations, etc.
03.180 Education
E-learning, смотри 35.240.90
03.200 Leisure. Tourism
Camping equipment, смотри 97.200.30
03.220 Transport
Transport of dangerous goods, смотри 13.300
03.240 Postal services
Including postal equipment, post-boxes and letter-boxes, etc.