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  • Дата создания : 1992

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In the area of the development of standards for methods of test for leather (other than made-up articles) ISO has established a working relationship with the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies (IULTCS) that essentially takes the form of a standards development partnership. In this partnership ISO recognizes the IULTCS as an international standardizing body, reflecting the fact that the IULTCS has an established consultation process in its sector that resembles that of ISO in its ability to obtain a consensus opinion in a democratic manner. This status permits the IULTCS to propose that a standard developed by that body may be submitted directly for vote as a final draft International Standard without having been previously subjected to the full ISO review procedure.

This partnership only relates to test methods for leather. The standards development work on standardization in the field of raw hides and skins including pickled pelts, tanned hides and skins and finished leather, and leather products (including methods of test for leather products) is undertaken by ISO / TC 120. Standards development for leather footwear is the field of work of ISO / TC 216, whereas protective clothing and equipment that utilize leather components is the field of work of ISO / TC 94.

More information about the IULTCS can be found on the IULTCS Web site.

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