IWA 15:2015
Spécification et méthode pour la détermination de performance des systèmes automatisés de manipulation de liquides
Numéro de référence
IWA 15:2015
Edition 1
IWA 15:2015
Annulée (Edition 1, 2015)


IWA 15:2015 specifies methods for testing the volumetric performance of air-displacement, system-liquid filled and positive displacement automated liquid handling systems (ALHS), including an estimation of measurement uncertainties and established traceability to reference standards (preferably, traceability to SI Units). The testing methods specified in this document may also be used to measure the volumetric performance of automated liquid delivery systems which do not aspirate the test liquid.

IWA 15:2015 also specifies statistical methods for the determination of random and systematic errors (including intra-plate and inter-plate comparisons), analysis of measured results when using multichannel dispensing heads, and analysis depending on dispense patterns. It further defines terms and formulae to be used for summarizing test results.

IWA 15:2015 also specifies the information to be provided to users of ALHS, including the display of summary results and performance claims.

IWA 15:2015 is applicable to all ALHS with complete, installed liquid handling devices, including tips and other essential parts needed for delivering a specified volume, which perform liquid handling tasks without human intervention into microplates. Manipulation of the microplates on the deck of the automated liquid handling system may be achieved automatically, semi-automatically, or manually.

IWA 15:2015 addresses the needs of:

- suppliers of ALHS, as a basis for quality control including, where appropriate, the issuance of supplier's declarations;

- test houses and other bodies, as a basis for independent certification and calibration;

- users of the equipment, to enable calibration, verification, validation, and routine testing of trueness and precision.

The tests established in this IWA should be carried out by trained personnel.

Informations générales

  •  : Annulée
     : 2015-10
    : Annulation de la Norme internationale [95.99]
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