ISO/TS 11155-2:2002
ISO/TS 11155-2:2002


ISO/TS 11155-2:2002 specifies a test comprising methods for measuring the dynamic gas adsorption of air filters in the passenger compartments of road vehicles. These laboratory test methods are applicable to air filters that improve air quality by reducing concentrations of gaseous, odorous or hazardous components from ambient or recirculated air, or both, in the vehicle cabin. They provide a means of measuring air pressure loss, as well as gas and vapour removal characteristics.

Informations générales 

  •  : Annulée
     : 2002-11
  •  : 1
  •  : ISO/TC 22 Véhicules routiers
  •  :
    43.040.60 Carrosserie et éléments de carrosserie

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