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The ISO member for Zimbabwe (SAZ) says that the London Declaration is essential to climate action.

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Few images of Africa are more persistent than the mighty Victoria falls. They are one of the reasons that tourists flock to Zimbabwe, together with a sun-kissed landscape that is home to a spectacular variety of wildlife. But, across the world unique biodiversity such as Zimbabwe’s is under threat due to climate change.

There are also local pressures, with population growth and primary industries placing competing pressures on the land. As the country addresses a mix of pressing sustainability issues, the ISO member for Zimbabwe is clear that standards are an important part of the solution.

SAZ, has been highly influential in shaping the country’s approach to sustainable development. The ISO member has helped orchestrate a two-pronged approach that focusses on managing water resources as well as sustainable electricity production. You can find out more in the ISO climate action kit, which presents real-life examples from SAZ and other ISO members of the way in which standards are contributing to development strategy.

Eve  Gadzikwa

SAZ commits to working with ISO and its members to ensure International Standards accelerate the achievement of the Paris Agreement, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the UN Call for Action on Adaptation and Resilience. We pledge our support to ISO’s actions and initiatives and will monitor progress made in fulfilling the London Declaration.

— Eve Gadzikwa
SAZ, ISO member for Zimbabwe 

The ISO member for Zimbabwe is stepping up with solutions to a global problem and meeting local needs at the same time. That's nothing new for the organization, which has been helping to improve lives through standards for 65 years. SAZ is building on its rich history of standardization to overcome historically-rooted inequalities and development issues that the country faces. With standards at the heart of sustainable development, the future looks bright.

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