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New HR management metrics help to create a better workforce.

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An organization’s biggest asset is its people, so measuring their contribution and how best to invest in them is essential for business success. ISO 30414, Human resource management – Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting, is the first International Standard that allows an organization to get a clear view of the actual contribution of its human capital and report on it. A series of technical specifications for the individual metrics required by ISO 30414 is now complete, with the final five just published.

The comprehensive 13-part series covers a wide range of comparable measures related to human resource management, applicable for internal and external reporting. They include everything from occupational health and safety to turnover, retention and organizational culture.

These technical specifications include:

ISO/TS 24178, Human resource management – Organizational culture metrics cluster, looks at the drivers of a good company culture with a committed and engaged workforce, and ways to measure it. It includes elements such as a clear organizational purpose and values, hiring practices and more.

ISO/TS 24179, Human resource management – Occupational health and safety metrics, specifically relates to occupational health and safety data and highlights any issues that should be considered when interpreting it.

ISO/TS 30407, Human resource management – Cost per hire, describes actions to be taken when calculating cost per hire to maintain quality and transparency.

ISO/TS 30410, Human resource management – Impact-of-hire metric, identifies principles for determining critical positions and ways to measure their impact.

ISO/TS 30411, Human resource management – Quality-of-hire metric, provides a range of options to measure the quality of hire that can be aligned to various business and organizational conditions.

ISO/TS 30421, Human resource management – Turnover and retention metrics, describes the elements of workforce turnover and highlights issues that need to be considered when interpreting the data.

ISO/TS 30423, Human resource management – Compliance and ethics metrics cluster, provides the formula for comparable measures and highlights issues that need to be considered when interpreting the compliance data.

ISO/TS 30425, Human resource management – Workforce availability metrics cluster, describes the formula for calculating the number of employees available at any point in time.

ISO/TS 30427, Human resource management – Costs metrics cluster, details a formula for calculating costs and highlights issues that need to be considered when interpreting the data.

ISO/TS 30430, Human resource management – Recruitment metrics cluster, describes the elements of recruitment, mobility and turnover, with a formula for comparable measures.

ISO/TS 30431, Human resource management – Leadership metrics cluster, provides a method for measuring the value of leadership in an organization, including trust, span of control and leadership development.

ISO/TS 30432, Human resource management – Workforce productivity metrics cluster, covers not only the output of employees and contractors, but any issues that may influence it. This includes current industry employment levels and skills supply, levels of training and experience, the quality of the leadership and more. It also enables competitor benchmarking within and across sectors.

ISO/TS 30433, Human resource management – Succession planning metrics cluster, describes the elements of succession planning metrics and provides comparable measures to report on them. It also covers succession effectiveness rate, successor coverage rate and succession readiness rate.

The series of technical specifications, as well as ISO 30414, were developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 260, Human resource management, whose secretariat is held by ANSI, ISO’s member for the USA. They can be purchased from your national ISO member or the ISO Store.

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