Systems and software engineering — Development of user assistance in mobile applications
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The scope of this standard is requirements and guidelines for design, development, and evaluation of effective and usable User Assistance (UA) for mobile applications. The standard is designed to host a set of main principles to build an effective UA, focusing some key-issues specific to the mobile context: for example, the smaller screen-size of mobile devices. The standard covers both the transformation of user assistance content developed for other formats (responsive design) and the development of content specifically for mobile use. The standard hosts the main steps of the process for designing, testing, and maintaining of the UA contents. Specific clauses are dedicated on the definition of the target user (first time users or expert users) and the definition of the business use case addressed by the mobile application and the associated effects on UA contents. Another clause is focused on writing UA contents, integrated with any other type of multimedia contents (video, music, images). Another clause of the standard describes guidelines for the translation of UA contents. This standard is part of the ISO/IEC/IEEE 2651x series. This standard does not include definition (technical specification) of the visual, auditory, tactile, and other sensorial input and output methods for the mobile device interfaces.

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