Standardization of terminology, graphical symbols, testing, safety, and general design principles of equipment and components used in the construction, erection/dismantling, inspection and maintenance of tower cranes. It also covers safe use of tower cranes.

Note: In addition, ISO/TC 96/SC 7 was mandated by ISO/TC 96 to provide part 1 "General requirements/principles" applicable to all type of cranes for the following subjects:

  • control layout and characteristics,
  • cabins and control stations,
  • access, guards and restraints.

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Referencia Título Tipo
ISO/TC 96/SC 7/WG 4   Operating manual Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 96/SC 7/WG 5   Access Grupo de trabajo


Comités de enlace de ISO/TC 96/SC 7

ISO/TC 96/SC 7 pueden acceder a los documentos de los comités que aparecen a continuación:

Referencia Título ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 96/SC 3 Selection of ropes ISO
ISO/TC 96/SC 5 Use, operation and maintenance ISO
ISO/TC 96/SC 9 Bridge and gantry cranes ISO
ISO/TC 96/SC 10 Design principles and requirements ISO
ISO/TC 110/SC 1 General terminology ISO
ISO/TC 110/SC 2 Safety of powered industrial trucks ISO


Organizaciones de enlace (categorías A y B)
Sigla Título Categoría
FEM European Federation of Materials Handling and Packaging Manufacturers A

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