Standardization in the field of concrete production to obtain the required performance with respect to properties in the fresh and hardened state including strength, durability as well as standards for the prime constituent materials except cement. Standardization for the execution of concrete structures, and for operations in the construction process such as grouting of prestressing systems.

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ISO/TC 71/SC 3/AHG 2   Mass concrete with MgO as the expansive agent Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 71/SC 3/WG 1   Concrete Production and compliance criteria Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 71/SC 3/WG 3   Mixing water for concrete Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 71/SC 3/WG 10   Recycled aggregates for concrete Grupo de trabajo


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BIBM European Federation for Precast Concrete A
CEMBUREAU The European Cement Association A
FIB International Federation for Structural Concrete A

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